How to create a free logo

Logo is a graphic element consisting of one or more letters, one or more images or a combination of them and is the basic visual element of a business regardless of its size or domain. in which it activates.

Why is it important to choose a logo that fully represents you?

Represents the visual identity of your business. The logo is the distinctive element through which customers memorize and differentiate your business.

– Suggest the scope of your activity. At a first glance of the logo, the client anticipates in which field of activity the company falls. It is essential to include very suggestive and descriptive words and / or images.

– Build a professional overview. All the big companies you know and whose products / services you consume have a logo that you definitely recognize in your ads.

When you want to build your own logo you have to consider the following features:

– Be easy to remember and recognize

– Contain items that do not go out of style

– Leave no room for hidden interpretations

– Describe your business

If you have reached the point where you have some ideas about the logo you want but you need more inspiration then you can use an application to help you. You don’t need design knowledge, the application will do everything for you.

Hatchful is an app originally developed for Shopify users which helps you create your logo for free. There is also a premium version that offers more templates and images, but the free version is more than enough to create an impressive logo.

How does Hatchful work?


Choose your field of activity

The first step is to choose the field of activity (Fashion, Tech, Pets etc). To show you relevant design variants of the logo, the software will take into account the field of activity.


Chose the appropriate visual style

Choosing the visual style that suits your business. If your business is non-conformist and does not fit into a certain pattern (Elegant, Classic, Natural, Modern, etc.) then you can combine several styles. This step can be updated later if in the end the big picture does not describe your business as you want.


Add your business name

Adding the name along with a slogan or description is a must. The latter two are optional depending on the user’s wishes. It must also be mentioned where the logo will be used.

logo design simplu

Choose the right logo for you

After all these steps, different models are generated, taking into account all the chosen options.

Generated suggestions can be images, icons, geometric shapes, text, or combinations thereof.


Customize your logo

Once the appropriate logo is chosen, it can be edited by changing the font or colors used. Remember, you can always go back to the previous steps to make sure you choose the right logo.

design-ul unui logo gratuit

The most interesting feature is that in the end the user receives several versions (each being suitable for a different promotion environment). You can choose from the logo version for Instagram , Facebook , Twitter or more.

We look forward to your feedback on Hatchful if you have managed to create a free logo using this application.


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