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Whether it’s a presentation website, an online store or a mobile app, all Sitesfy products are developed according to the latest trends in web design, being adjustable for all screen sizes of devices.

It is very important to know that the packages are indicative and aim to estimate prices. It is possible to purchase individual items or attach additional features to an existing package. Please contact us to establish all the details.

Sitesfy services are not just about creating affordable sites. You can see more details about the products offered in the SERVICES section of our site.

Affordable websites vs profesionalism

We encourage you to start your business online, so we offer high quality services at the best prices on the market. We will form a team from the moment we sketch the first ideas and until the users will watch your business.
If you are still not convinced that you need to work with us, here are some reasons to schedule a meeting:

Ease in communication

We are constantly communicating from the moment the business idea is a sketch until the moment when the digital product becomes productive. The final web application will represent a fusion between the vision and the needs of the client filtered through the prism of the competence and experience of our programmers.

Flexibility in choosing technologies

We are working with different technologies and you are free to chose what technology are we going to use for your product. We will recommend the optimal choice of technology that best fits the needs and complexity of the project.

Complete business package

We can offer a solution that combines web application development, custom graphics and design elements, integration with social media platforms and defining a strategic marketing adapted to the market on which the project operates.

Varied complexity of projects
Although the complexity of the projects differs, the importance with which we treat them is the same. So, whether the needs of the project are to create a single graphic element (such as the company logo) or to build a complex web application with databases, do not hesitate to contact us, we treat each project with the same level on involvement.
Modern design
We build modern web applications, attractive to users, easy to use and with a unique design.
Scaling on any device

The applications built by us adapt to any type of screen (whether it is a laptop, tablet or phone) and automatically adjust the display of pages, without losing information and without damaging the overall appearance of the site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guarantees the ascent of the web application in the top of the results offered by the search engines. This will be the first step in differentiating from competitors in the online environment and will considerably increase the number of accesses to the application.
Multiple versions of the design

After we pick the design elements, we will create the first draft/sketch that can be modified until we reach the final version. After the website is being build, we can make any adjustments until the website is as expected.


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