In order for the result of our collaboration to satisfy your needs and requirements, we will go through four essential steps together. The starting point is to define the prototype, we will sketch the graphics, implement the functionalities and adjust the final product.
We assure you that we offer services that meet the highest standards and that we offer advantageous promotional packages.
Define requirements

The first step is to undestand your business and establish the needs it imposes and the vision you have on the website you want. Together we will build the prototype and establish the plan we will follow.


The choice of graphic elements, font and color palette according to the theme plays a very important role in the user’s decision to continue using the application.
The design must be interesting, organized and deductible.


Once the visual elements have taken shape and the functionalities have been defined, the implementation begins – the stage with the longest duration and which involves the actual construction of the website.


Before the application is launched, we will present the result obtained after the implementation and we will discuss if changes are needed so that you are fully satisfied with the website that will become the fingerprint of your business.


It is very important to know that the Sitesfy packages are indicative and are intended for price estimation. It is possible to purchase individual items or attach additional features to an existing package. Please contact us to establish all the details.


The package proposes the creation of a presentation site that aims to promote your business online.

The site will contain a maximum of 6 pages in which the activity and the history of the business will be exposed, detailed presentation lists of the products / achievements will be built and a blog and a contact form will be attached.

Technical assistance is included for a period of 14 calendar days.

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The package includes all the benefits present in the basic package .

Additional benefits include domain acquisition assistance, site security, personalized graphics and visuals, social networking, and live chat implementation.

The maximum number of pages is extended to 15, and the technical assistance period is extended to 21 calendar days.


The package includes all the benefits present in the premium package .

Among the additional benefits are the implementation of different API of client’s choice, integration with Google Console, Google Analytics and Google Maps as well as SEO optimization. The SEO will be quarterly reviewed and adjusted.

Another major benefit is that we can design different graphic elements for you, such as logos, customized background or present your product in a modern way.

The technical assistance period is extended to 30 working days.

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In addition to creating presentation websites, the Sitesfy team offers many other services. From the implementation of a module to the creation of an online store, our team is involved in the realization of projects regardless of their degree of difficulty. Depending on the degree of complexity, the price of the service is also established, so it is necessary to establish all the details before we present you the most advantageous offer. Do not hesitate to contact us!
It is also important to know that we offer free consulting to help you outline your needs. For example, a possible solution can only be to optimize and restore the existing site.

Below is a short list of the services we offer. Don’t forget that it is indicative and that we are waiting for you to present your ideas to us.


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